Yorvale is a dairy ice cream manufacturer based in Yorkshire. They have achieved national distribution of their high-quality, tasty products. They wanted to update their website to refresh the brand and promote their new products.

Extreme Creations have created a vibrant and fun website for Yorvale, helping promote their newest range of frozen yoghurt, Yoryog. They have had lots of great feedback from customers and have seen much more online interaction with the brand.

Services Provided

Website Design

Yorvale approached Extreme Creations as their previous website was online for around ten years and whilst it had done the job, it was showing its age. They wanted a complete overhaul to reflect the current status of the business and help the brand engage with their customers and clients more effectively. They wanted to enhance the user experience and improve website usability.

The website is responsive, adjusting the content and layout according to the visitor's screen size. This is particularly useful to visitors browsing on mobile phones and ensures the site is easy to use and looks great across a wide variety of devices. This element of future-proofing the site makes sure that it looks good now and in the future.

Yorvale Desktop Website
Yorvale Mobile Website

What's Your Flavour?

The new website is modern, clean and fun, with lots of bright photography and quirky illustration. For example, one new feature to the site is the ice-cream filter. This serves as a way for the consumer to easily browse Yorvale's wide range of flavours by tailoring the results according to various categories such as fruity or nutty.

Yorvale Icecream Scoops


Another key detail was the promotion of their new range of frozen yoghurt. The website needed to support the launch of the brand’s more quirky products with the Yoryog natural frozen yoghurts, alongside supporting the traditional brand identity of Yorvale as a dairy product manufacturer.

Yorvale Yoryog
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