Vertical Brands

Vertical Brands

Vertical Brands (VB) is a respected distributor of highly sourced, premium ales from around the globe. Servicing the UK market, they distribute beers from breweries such as Sierra Nevada in the US, Jopen in The Netherlands and Kirkstall Brewery in the UK.

VB approached Extreme to build a new website which could communicate the range and quality of stock, while attracting new stockists and producers.

Vertical Brands website in a desktop browser Vertical Brands Branding

Vertical Brands sought to move away from its previous, more corporate site, which the team felt did not appropriately portray the young creative beer movement it serves. From a technical perspective, the business required a site which would suit the mobile device era more appropriately, making on-the-go searching and site functionality a priority.

Vertical Brands website on mobile devices

The Project

Being in a niche sector of the beer industry, one that uses creative design and expression to promote its brand, one of the most important goals for VB, was the website’s visual impact. Therefore, a large amount of the investigation was spent getting to the crux of how the brand could translate to digital with maximum visual impact.

VB were keen to redesign the logo to act as a focal point in leading the tone of the new website’s design. After going through a branding investigation, a number of variations were put to VB, before a finished product was chosen.

Vertical Brands Branding
Vertical Drinks Logo Concepts

With a revised, but suitably more creative and complex suite of brand assets, the website needed to encompass VB’s new branding style, whilst being careful not to overshadow the beer assets themselves. The website’s concept acts as a simplistic, yet stylish platform to house the brands that VB stock.

Vertical Brands social Vertical Brands drinks Page

The website benefits from a fully editable CMS, allowing VB to edit and manage the site as well as responsive functionality, meaning that the team can accommodate screens of all sizes without compromising the usability. Due to the large product base, VB were keen to streamline the user journey for stockists to browse the range. In response, a custom filter was designed and developed allowing the user to filter by brand, style and origin. To enhance the user engagement across platforms, a social feed and dedicated social page were integrated, pulling in the latest tweets and posts.

What the client said:

“We were recommended Extreme Creations by one of our customers. The guys at Extreme Creations have been great to deal with from start to finish. Coming up with some great ideas from our original discussion and also willing to listen to us when we had suggestions for changes throughout the process. The end product has turned out great and we are very pleased with the new website.”
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