Marbletree is a high-end gift manufacturer which creates stunning, hand-made and personal items from natural materials. Extreme created a stunning e-commerce site to showcase the quality of Marbletree’s product range and has gone on to extend its work to a digital strategy incorporating e-newsletters, social media management, app development and online PR/blogger outreach.

Services Provided

Website Visuals

Marbletree Ecommerce Website


Marbletree approached Extreme Creations looking for a site to sell to customers directly. They required an e-commerce website that would allow them to sell their expanding range of personalised gifts online, as an alternative to selling through third parties.

Their requirements requirements included the ability to enter personalised messages to be engraved onto selected products, and an efficient order system which would notify engraving and packing departments, streamlining the process for the customer and internal teams.



Extreme Creations delivered a new website with a clean design which lets the product photography shine and makes it easy for customers to select options and enter their personalised details. The site has an intuitive navigation structure which encourages customers to browse the full product catalogue, an events section featuring a calendar of upcoming events to be attended by Marbletree, an integrated blog to highlight company news and promote new product launches as well as product reviews, allowing customers to give feedback about their purchases.


Digital Strategy

Over the coming months, we will be working closely with Marbletree to create a digital strategy built around the gift calendar, with a focus on social media and email marketing campaigns.

Nisa Social Marketing

Nisa Social Marketing