The Little Gym

The Little Gym Franchise

The Little Gym Franchise is a well-respected international company, with the parent company based in the USA and the European arm in Belgium.

The Little Gym came to us initially requesting a new website for their European franchise. Extreme Creations created not just a website for the franchise and children’s fitness business, but have gone on to produce video material and 360 tours for the company as well.

Services Provided


Extreme Creations worked closely with The Little Gym to create a website that was specifically tailored towards potential candidates, creating a clear path for candidates to follow and a narrative structure that is easy to understand and answers the majority of the questions that a potential candidate may have.

Using testimonials from existing candidates to highlight the success of their partnership with The Little Gym, as well as up to date information about training and support: the website is a great recruitment tool for the company. The application process has also been streamlined, making it easier for candidates to apply.

The Little Gym Website
“Extreme Creations invested a lot of time in getting to know our brand and from day one turned our ideas into something way beyond our original vision” Simon Darlaston, Head of Franchise Development in Europe, The Little Gym


We also made a series of videos with The Little Gym, advertising specific branches and interviewing franchise owners from around the UK and from some of the international branches. This video marketing campaign has proved to be highly successful in recruiting candidates for the program.

The Little Gym
The Little Gym
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