Nisa Heritage


We were approached about creating a new website for the relaunch of Nisa’s own brand Heritage range. Prior to the relaunch, the Heritage brand was worth around £200 million. The range includes:

Pantry - Bringing the trust and enjoyment back to your essential grocery range

Core - Food we love that you can trust, at great prices

Gourmet - Restaurant quality brought to your home

The new Heritage brand aims to celebrate great food at great prices, inspiring customers on a daily basis with range and promotion.

Heritage Post-it Notes

Website Design

Heritage wanted a fresh and fun, design led, responsive website to showcase their new ranges. The idea was to show members and potential new members the benefits of stocking the new range, and also to show consumers what products are available in stores. The ultimate aim of the website was to increase sales of Heritage products in stores throughout the UK

Heritage Website Screenshot

Mobile Design

The website was designed mobile first, to ensure it looks great on all screen sizes, and to allow consumers and members to view the website whilst in store or on the go.

Mobile Nisa Heritage Website


As of March 2015, sales of Heritage products had increased by £1.4 million compared to the same period last year and the range is on track to become a £500 million brand.

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