Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic Advertising

Targeting new and existing with dynamic banner ads across a range of external, top tier websites.

Programmatic advertising offers the most effective way of reinforcing your message or reaching out to new customers that aren’t even aware of your services yet.

This highly targeted and visual form of advertising involves the automatic buying of media through online auctions across a range of high tier websites. Using real time data capture and smart analysis, we can optimise your campaigns to reach the right audience, at the right time and promote specific messages to them to encourage them to complete a business goal via your website.

We’ve partnered with Admedo, a specialist programmatic advertising solutions provider whose software is powered by powerful machine learning and algorithms, to work with you to achieve your specific campaign goals.


Retargeting is an incredibly powerful way of advertising to customers who have already been to your website and are familiar with your brand’s offerings. This powerful technology utilises cookies to optimise adverts to existing customers only, ensuring that all targeting and budget is directed towards a more relevant audience.

Retargeting also offers the ability to do dynamic product retargeting – allowing you to personalise adverts to each individual user with the exact products that they have viewed on your website.


Using the same technology through Admedo, prospecting offers you the ability to reach out to very specific customers that are not yet familiar with your brand or service. A very powerful tool to increase brand awareness and engage with new customers, the technology behind Admedo allows you to position your ads on high profile websites such as The Guardian, Wired, Econsultancy to name a few.

Working on an impression basis, prospecting allows you to select individual demographics and affinities to broadcast millions of captivating banner adverts to, enticing them onto your website and supporting many other marketing channels.

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