According to the Plastics Ocean Foundation, more than 8 million tons of plastic is dumped into our oceans every year 1. This doesn’t sit quite right with us at Extreme. As part of The Great British Beach Clean and World Clean Up Day events this September, we’re focussing on the effects of plastic pollution in our oceans, looking at how rubbish is impacting ocean wildlife. We’re championing local small Harrogate businesses and initiatives who are introducing waste-reducing practices into their lives. We’re also making steps to reduce the amount of plastic wastage we produce here at Extreme.

Scroll the slider to see the effects of plastic pollution on our ocean marine life.

Plastic Reduction Initiatives at Extreme & around Harrogate

As part of our plastic pollution awareness month, we're shining the spotlight on local small businesses who are leading the way in Harrogate for plastic use reduction.