Your website is never finished and here’s why…

Your website is never finished and here’s why…

So, you invested in your website because you understand it’s crucial to your customer journey, brand and for its ability to help garner customer loyalty. A well-designed site that has the user experience at its heart and aids your customer in accessing your products and services is essential for every business.

We’re the people behind many an award-winning site, so we know a site is a significant investment for you. On that note, we’re sorry to be the ones to break it to you, but your site?

It’s not done. Yes, it is we hear you cry, it’s been live a month, a year even. Nope, even the brand new ones aren’t ‘done’ and that’s not because we haven’t done our jobs properly or because your brief has changed, it’s because the world is moving so fast and your audience needs are evolving constantly.

Live and kicking….

The ‘go live’ version of your site might well be it’s most perfection iteration to date, it may be more in sync with your goals than anything else you’ve ever had but it’s not the end result, because, *hard truth coming up*, a website is NEVER complete.

Websites have to evolve; content needs refreshing, customer behaviours must be reviewed, heat maps used to check where your users go on your site and where they don’t – and why. It’s an ongoing process of refinement to make sure everything works well and to the standards expected.

Your customers/site visitors may not understand every element of what goes into creating the user experience or the functionality of your site, but they will notice if it isn’t working as well as other sites they like or use frequently.

Many clients wait until something needs updating or customers/sales/conversions drop off before they look at what their site might need next. Ensuring your site is kept up to date is the best way to maximise your investment, plus, support requests that come in out of the blue could be waiting at the bottom of a long list.

What we’re doing about it…

We’ve gathered our development experts, our marketing visionaries and we’ve put together a cost-effective way to address these challenges. Don’t worry, no hard-sell, this is just a service we’re seeing as increasingly important so we’re putting it out there for all of the reasons we’ve listed above.

Our new Web Management service is a scalable monthly payment in line with your needs and type of site. For many people, this service will be less in ‘old money’ than an ad in a local paper – when you put it that way, it’s pretty much a no-brainer. We know there’s no one size fits all approach for this -a multi-site retailer with e-commerce needs more ongoing support than a one man band, but it’s needed all the same. We’re also throwing in other benefits (beyond a tip-top site that keeps growing with your needs) and that’s that those who join on us on this service are going to get priority on any support requests; that’s right, no more waiting in line for you, you’re the VIPs now.

If you want to hear more about how we can support your site’s ongoing performance just give us a shout, we’ll walk you through it and you can decide for yourself if you want to keep up or miss out.