What’s (likely to be) hot in 2018 – Our predictions

What’s (likely to be) hot in 2018 – Our predictions

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…yes, it’s Christmas, but more importantly, it’s time to dust off the crystal ball and ask our team what they think will be hot in marketing for the year ahead.

With a near constant stream of new tech, the advent and improvement of more data-driven insights and changing consumer needs, the marketing industry is never one to stand still. So what does Team Extreme expect to see more of in 2018?



  • Motion and animation – Get ready to move more in 2018. Expect an increase in parallax scrolling effects, slow movement video and cinemagraphs.
  • Patterns – We’ve witnessed the meteoric rise of geometric shapes this year and they’re here to stay. We think you’ll be seeing plenty of strong lines and shapes used across the board for 2018.
  • Bold Colours – Be brave. A wider variety of hues will be noticeable in the next year. You’ll need shades as brighter, richer colours become the consumer favourite.


  • Big data – The new GDPR legislation is set to change how we access, collect and store data. Marketing is set to become much more reactive to the way data preferences are updated by the consumer.
  • Personalisation is just going to grow – Across the board, customers will be expecting collateral that is suitably tailored to their preferences, buying habits and individual data profiles in real time.
  • Voice search integration – While we don’t expect this to replace desktop or mobile, it will  almost certainly grow as users seek more fluid search experience when moving from one device to another. This presents us with a challenge as we shift away from the traditional audience segmentation of desktop and mobile.


  • Mix it up – Content marketing is still growing. Your marketing strategy needs to employ the skills of multiple departments, experts and possibly well-chosen third parties. Diverse, highly-tailored content will continue to reign in 2018.
  • Know your Gen-X from your millennials –  Global Web Index (@globalwebindex) has profiled the differences between these consumer groups and while little separates them in age, their response to marketing and use of social media does differ, therefore so should your content. An example; target Gen Z via Snapchat over Facebook. Examine these behaviours and tailor your content  appropriately.
  • Consistency – An oldie, but a goodie. Yes we should often deliver in short-sharp, bite-size chunks, but work longer-term to build on messaging, use insights to deliver on responses over time. In other words…keep planning and looking forward.

Social media:

  • Video – Yes we know video is king of content, but in 2017 90% of all content shared on social media was video*, so expect to see this grow. (Source: @SmartInsights)
  • Paid – Down with relying on organic and up with paid social strategies. Invest to make sure you’re still reaching your key audiences.
  • The rise and rise of Augmented Reality – Your favourite filters are getting a makeover. Expect your favourite products and celebs to be increasingly projected into your upcoming filters.

Web design and User Experience:

  • The continued rise of Web Components and Modular Design –  As more of the Web Components specification gets implemented by browser vendors, we expect to see an increased shift towards modular design and development. 2018 could see the rise of design systems; many in-house and product teams are already discovering the benefits of this approach and we would welcome the introduction of this agency side.
  • Progressive web apps – It’s true. The advent of this technology could threaten many native apps next year. These are a hybrid of web pages and mobile applications. In a nutshell, they allow users to add a website to their device just like an app, but without the hassle of having to install anything.  Although currently only supported by Chrome and Firefox, Apple have started work on implementing the core technology for web apps into their Safari browser which is used on billions of devices worldwide; and as we all know, where Apple go, the rest often follow. Watch this space.

Definitely not exhaustive, but there you have it; these are the things we think we will shape marketing over the next twelve months.

If you have any questions, or would like help with your planning for next year get in touch with the team today.