The Need For On-Going SEO

Before we begin to discuss the need for continual, managed, on-going search engine optimisation (SEO) let’s start by highlighting some the many benefits that SEO can bring to your website and your business.

Increased visibility

Search engines are an incredibly powerful means of finding exactly what you’re looking for even if you can only recall a small amount of information about the business, or products you’re searching for. If your sites visibility and performance is not as good as it could be then you’re losing out on potential customers.

Brand awareness

The more and more your brand name appears in the search engine results the more exposure you’ll gain and the more recognisable your business will become within your industry sector. Having your business appear alongside the leading names in your industry is a proven way of increasing trust and raising the profile of your business.

Increased traffic

There’s a good reason this point is sandwiched in between brand awareness and customer acquisitions. Traffic is the middleman between the two. Once you brand gains increased exposure more people will click through to your site and the more people that click though to your site the more likely it is that you will turn these clicks in to sales.

Customer acquisitions

Search is demand driven. Any user referred to your site from a search engine is hoping that your website provides exactly what they’re looking for and if it does they could well become your next customer.

Responding to change

Now that we’ve briefly covered some of the many benefits that SEO can provide let’s look at why it’s important for SEO to be on-going managed service and not just a one off exercise. Over the years the world of SEO has witnessed countless changes, as technologies have altered and developers have continued to innovate, the SEO industry has been forced to change. Much like a business, those SEO agencies that are prepared to adapt to the ever changing landscape will prosper and those who aren’t won’t.

In the last decade search engines have changed dramatically. They’ve become more complex and sophisticated and will continue to do so at an ever faster pace in the coming years. Each and every year Google – the world’s most popular search engine which is used by 89% of people in the UK – will change its search algorithm between 500 – 600 times. The majority of these changes are relatively small and often go unnoticed but every few months Google rolls out a major change in its algorithm which has a significant impact on search engine results.

In February of this year Google rolled out a change in its algorithm known as Panda. Some of you may now be left with an image of a cute, cuddly, black and white bear in your mind but put that to one side for the moment as this update affected 11.8% of searches causing some sites to become major winners and losers as a result.

An uncertain future

Nobody knows exactly what Google has planned for the future. One thing is for certain though, we’ll continue to see more changes that will affect the way searches work and how sites perform and without an on-going SEO campaign your website and business could be left behind.

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