Nu Addition to the Extreme Team…

Nu Addition to the Extreme Team…

It’s no secret that Team Extreme have had a very busy (but exciting) year so far, and with our growing success has of course come more responsibility. As a result, we’re really excited to announce that we’re welcoming another member to the team to share the workload and keep up the marketing magic!

Everyone, Nuala, Nuala, Everyone.

We’ve asked our newest recruit to tell us a bit more about herself, as well as to answer a few general questions so we can find out what makes her tick.


I’m Nuala (sounds like Noo-la) and I’m the latest addition to the Extreme Creations staff in the Marketing Team! My official title is Marketing Executive, which translates to a supportive role to both the Social and Content/PR teams to help with their growing workloads, acting as a bridge between the two and hopefully getting involved in future branding work.

Born and bred in Harrogate, I’ve grown up on the doorstep of the Valley Gardens, so my commute to work is a lovely walk through the park where I spent the majority of my childhood. Having just graduated from Sheffield Hallam University with a degree in Marketing, I enjoyed our abnormally hot summer (mostly in the shade as I’m a serial burner) before accepting that I have to actually start adulting and get a real job. I’d spent my placement year at the NHS Leadership Academy as a Marketing and Engagement Assistant, which I loved, but I wanted to experience the more fast-paced environment of the private sector as well as its greater creative freedom.

That’s how I managed to find my way here! I did some research in to some local agencies and emailed Mark, Technical Director, asking if there were any marketing graduate opportunities and it just so happened the timing was right… three weeks later I joined the Extreme Team! Everyone has been so friendly and has made me feel right at home already. The work I’ll be involved in sounds right up my street as I love writing and creating engaging content that can make a genuine impact, and branding is an area that really interests me so I’m really excited to be a part of that as it unfolds.

A little bit about me; I’m soon to be 24, like to cook, have a dog called Dougie (who feels betrayed that I’ve left him for full time work) and occasionally attempt the gym, though am easily distracted by a gin and tonic so some trips are more successful than others. I’m a serial chatterbox, regularly use gifs as a form of communication and love a funny video, especially if it involves a talking/singing dog. My dad tells me I don’t have an ‘inside voice’ so you’ll probably hear me a mile off, but feel free to come and have a chat if I haven’t met you already!

I’m excited to get cracking and look forward to what the future holds for me here at Extreme!

Quick Fire Round

Favourite Food: Close call between crispy duck pancakes or pie and mash.

Favourite Drink: Gin and Tonic, Prosecco or Innocent tropical flavour if I’m feeling fruity.

Favourite song: I wanna dance with somebody – Whitney Houston / Yellow – Coldplay

Favourite Place Visited:  Noosa, Australia

Biggest Fear: Spiders and heights are both a strong no from me.

Fun Fact / Hidden Talent: I can whistle both outwards AND inwards. (not at the same time)

Tell Us a Joke: What cheese gets a bear out of a tree… Camembert!

Want to get Nuala and the award-winning Extreme marketing team to work on your digital strategy? Get in touch and have a chat with our friendly team!