CRUMB CATCHERS: Extreme’s Movember Challenge is LIVE!

CRUMB CATCHERS: Extreme’s Movember Challenge is LIVE!

Itching. Sideways looks from friends, family and clients. And, of course, an almost excruciating urge to grab the shaving foam.

In case you hadn’t guessed it, there’s only one thing that we’re up to: Movember. You heard us right – it’s certainly guaranteed to be a bristly month. For one month, and one month only, our Extreme team will be procuring their very own set of cookie dusters.

There are ground rules, of course. The first is no beards, which of course means no mercy: attempting to disguise that lovely foliage as a more full set is unfortunately forbidden. The men attempting the Movember challenge will have to learn to love their lip luggage. The rest is simple – just let that ‘tache fuzz go crazy.

Of course, some will be robust, study and thick, others, let’s say – less so. And whilst not all moustaches are created equal, every single one of those gallant whiskers will be growing free only for very good reason; proudly sprouting in support of the Movember Foundation.

This charity tackles some of the most pressing health issues faced by men including: prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health problems and suicide prevention. As simply put by the Movember Foundation themselves, ‘men are dying too young, before their time’.

As the month slowly passes and that aesthetically-questionable growth slowly takes over the upper lips of our Movember challengers, keep your eyes firmly trained on our social feeds for the latest updates and photos.

Please give whatever you can on our JustGiving page – and allow the more anxious moustache-eers among us see the value in letting those lower brows do their thing.